Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Been A While But I Have An Idea

Well, it's been busy, busy, busy over here. We went to Orlando for Thanksgiving and had a great time at Sea World, Universal and Disney. I even enjoyed the super scary Harry Potter ride, which I agonized over while in the 90 minute wait, then went on anyway and it was my favorite ride EVER! If there was a shorter line, I would have gone again and again. Unfortunately, there was a line to get into the Wizarding World, then to get onto the rides, then to get into the restaurant, and finally, a long wait to get into the gift shops. One word, Universal...expansion!

We loved Disney, as always, especially all the Christmas decorations. We got a bunch of ornaments....again. We bought some last year when we went too, so most of our tree is somehow Disney related. Yet, we still managed to fit the rest of our ornaments. That's why I love our 11ft ceilings. Big. Christmas. Tree.

The whole tree. Not very impressive in this shot. We chose red and white lights. I absolutely LOVE Christmas, and this tree is really lifting my spirits. And I need it, because my last two checks have been small, and my job runs out in two and a half weeks. *sigh* My back is getting pretty cranky from all the hours I am working, so I'm going in for an acupuncture appointment tomorrow. Wish me luck! I do not like the idea of someone putting needles in my tush, but that's where a lot of my pain radiates from...I've got a little sciatica going on. Yuck.

Well, what are you doing/did you do for the holidays?? Any crafting? I'm looking forward to doing my Christmas gifts this weekend...all handmade. Or at least that's the goal.

Oh yes! I forgot about my idea. Matching totes to carry your plushie along on your outtings. Opinions????


  1. Welcome back! Very pretty tree! LOVE the idea of a matching tote for the plushie! Brilliant!

  2. I love your tree! So pretty! I absolutely love the Disney theme.
    Matching totes would be easy and quick to make, great idea!


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