Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rainbow Hunt

One day, I was out and about with the little boy I nanny, and we needed something to keep ourselves busy. I came up with the idea of a Rainbow Hunt, not only to give our outing a purpose, but also to reinforce color identification (and give a little informal assessment...not necessary as a nanny, but interesting as a teacher to see if he could identify the colors in an organic setting). I will definitely be using this activity in the future, with my own children and in a classroom setting. Here's some of the items we found. 





yellow (we got really into yellow that day!)





This actually spun off into a fire hydrant whenever we're out walking around, we have to stop at all the fire hydrants and take their picture, to be cataloged later. There are actually a ton of different kinds of hydrants in his neighborhood, and it's become a great inquiry unit, in the broadest sense. I'm now working on a photo album of all of our pictures we've taken on our walks, organized by color. I can't wait to see how he interacts with it, and what he remembers. 

 Would you do this activity with the children in your life? 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Newest Plushie

Here's my latest project...a super soft cream mohair bear with pink ribbon for a friend's baby. I'm making a taggie with coordinating colors, but that's not done yet. I've never worked with this kind of traditional plush fabric before and let me tell's a pain! Little hairs everywhere! I think I breathed in about a pound! But man, does it make a great bear! What do you think? What are you working on these days?