Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where's the Exit on this Roller Coaster?!

So to give you an idea of my tolerance for roller coasters, or just rides in general, let me tell you a story. About Splash Mountain. A very family friendly attraction that thousands, nah, MILLIONS of people consider to be one of the most fun rides at Disney World. My boyfriend and I took a trip to Disney World last October. He is a big thrill chaser, and I am the kind of girl who gets nauseous on a ladder. No joke. Well, he played down most of the rides so that I would go on them, and this strategy worked for just about everything...except Splash Mountain.

You know how there are signs all the way up to the ride that say, Turn back now!!! This has extreme drops!!! I swear I felt like an animal being led to slaughter, being slowly shuffled closer and closer to the crazy contraption that was going to be my demise, unable to find a way to get out, but in all honesty not wanting to seem like a total baby. I got on the ride, against my better judgement, and just so happened to be in the front seat. Behind me sat a 5 year old boy and his parents. We settled into the log and off we went. I think I remember a couple smaller drops, but they weren't really much worse than Thunder Mountain Railroad, which I enjoyed. But those obnoxious animals all singing happily could not camouflage my fear when we came around the bend and began to ascend the dark, damp tunnel. I gripped onto whatever was closest to me as hard as I could, chanting over and over, "I don't want to do this. I want to get out! I need to get off this ride!" hysterically, while the child behind me chatted casually to his parents about how fun this was going to be. No, was not fun. To me, it felt like this:

And let me tell you, those people on that ride were TERRIFIED! I heard the screams.

In all seriousness, it was very similar to the time my high school best friend forced me on the California Adventure roller coaster, you know the one around Mickey's head? I screamed at her the entire time that I would kill her, my stomach felt like it was sitting somewhere near my nasal cavity, and afterward I was almost sick to my stomach....but not quite. I survived that one, and I survived the much less intimidating but just as frightening and nausea-inducing Splash Mountain. But I never want to do it again.

It's the drops that get me, that feeling of no control and that pulling sensation in your stomach. That's what I'm feeling like today. This year has been a roller coaster that I can't find my way off of. It's not going to hurt me, but I am probably going to be scared out of my mind and a little nauseous. Yesterday I was offered my dream job....assisting the reading specialist by working with small groups of children who are not meeting grade level. My ultimate goal is to be a reading specialist, so this job was perfect, and the school has a large population of second language learners, with whom I can use my Spanish that has been lying dormant since high school and I have missed using so much. I was so excited that we went out to dinner and dessert to celebrate! But this morning I got a call saying that the funding has been cut, and the position will likely only be half time....and it still has to be approved by the superintendent before it is final. I would still want it if it is part time, but it would mean searching for a second job.

I also had a decent sized back spasm last night and it is still acting up so I've been in bed all day. I ask you...where's the exit?!


  1. I used to be terrified of roller coasters when I was a kid. I would CRY because everyone would want to go on them, and I was the only one that didn't, but I couldn't stay by myself and wait for the rest of the family. They would always make me go. And I would cry the whole time we were in line. Then, in middle school, somehow, I started liking them. How the heck did that happen? I have NO IDEA!

  2. I still feel like that! Haha! I guess when you get used to the feeling it just isn't as scary.

  3. Gosh, I forgot to comment on your current roller coaster...Being unemployed and looking for work is no fun. You get the chance for your dream job, and then get a call that it's almost being yanked completely away from you? It's crazy. But hey, it's almost perfect for you! So I say, go for the part-time if it is available. You'll love it, I'm sure. =)

  4. It's going to mean a crazy schedule, but it is totally worth it!

  5. How could they not know about the funding before they offered you the job?!
    I hate roller coasters.

  6. I love roller coasters but not emotional ones!! I sure do hope that the funding works out for your job and that your back is feeling better...


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