Thursday, August 12, 2010

For the Animal Rescue League of Boston

I finally finished my kitty cat plushie for the Animal Rescue League of Boston. They had some bandannas left over that I picked up while I was at the Happy Endings Celebration BBQ. I was surprised that just two bandannas were enough to make a large plushie, but it was, and I just a few scraps extra.

I strategically placed my template so that certain words or paw prints were on certain places. The tail says, "Kindess uplifts the world."


Slinky came to say hello.

Aw! She looks so cute with the kitty. :)

I modeled his eyes after my mom's cat, Rumour, who is a white Persian/Siamese who has blue eyes and is deaf. This is a genetic trait, but he has never let it slow him down...or make him be quiet. He is one of the loudest cats I've ever met, but he is also the most friendly, loving and quirky cats too. We got him when I was 13, and he still lives with my mom. He does somersaults in your lap and is a real personality. So I couldn't resist giving this white kitty blue eyes just like him. :)

Hope you enjoy it, ARL! I hope it helps with the auction!

In other news, we've put a deposit on a car in New Jersey, but there are more little loose ends to see about before we make a decision. We might be going down to New Jersey this weekend to look at it though...figuring out that trip is proving fun (hint of sarcasm). If only I had my license already it would be much easier. In any case, it may be a few days before my next post, but there is Feature Friday to look forward to tomorrow!


  1. I love this cat!! I can tell he has a lot of personality :)

  2. Dropped him off today and got to spend some quality time with some of them really tugged on my heart strings.


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