Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hot Pink = Happiness

When I'm feeling a little unsure, and perhaps not so pretty, it helps to doll up the hot pink.

Waiting to hear back from the interviews. I hate waiting. And all I can seem to hear in my head is, "You're efforts and background are commendable, but there were many applicants..." Or maybe I've just gotten that standard rejection email from schoolspring too many times. Looking at a long list of "Not Hired" that I can't delete off my account just doesn't inspire confidence, but unfortunately, that's what you need when you're trying to convince a potential employer how much they would benefit from adding you to their pay roll.

Not my best paint job ever. This stuff from Sephora, just $5, has the most saturated color, and the lushest, thickest brush I have ever used. It was awesome. However, trying to remove mistakes? Yeah, the underside of my fingers are very pink.

Finally got a day to do some sewing and I finished my two projects I needed to do. I felt so exhausted all day, for no good reason, so I didn't work on the test-skirt I wanted to make out of scraps. Table that for another day. At the end of the day, though, my shiny, bright pink, ultra saturated toesies put a smile on my face. Hope they put one on yours too.

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