Monday, June 7, 2010

Some Failures

I have to admire my former students in their creative efforts. Even when things don't look exactly like they want them to, they go with the flow. They're proud of their work and just love taking part in the experience. I, however, am not that easy going.

So I had my first sewing failure. The last time I went to the fabric store, I got this great pink floral print to make into another skirt, and a pink cotton fabric to make a matching shirt. The last two shirts I've made were of very stretchy material, a jersey type, and they are super comfy! I knew I would need to make some allowances for not having stretch, but unfortunately I underestimated just how much. My first attempt was far too small, and I also stuck myself with pins trying to pry it off my chest...not fun. So I took some measurements and started over, only this time it ended up WAY too big on top, but a bit too tight near the bottom. And by that time I was out of fabric. UGH!

A couple days later, my boyfriend brought home some cake mix, and that became my next project. I've been baking for a while now and I really enjoy it, but I've been trying to make things that are healthier, as I've mentioned before I'm trying to lose a few. I looked up this great recipe for cutting out oil and eggs ( I've also tried using butter substitutes in my frosting, though I've found that it doesn't stand up as well as butter. It just doesn't stay as firm. Well, this time my boyfriend wanted me to try using Splenda instead of sugar in the frosting. Let me tell you, you CAN'T change more than one element in a recipe without doing some kind of research or planning (like with the pink shirt!). Using Brummel & Brown buttery spread and Splenda gave me a very thin icing that was waaaaaaaay too sweet. So at 10pm, we rushed to the grocery store, picked up some confectioners sugar, more B&B, and some shortening and tried again. The Brummel & Brown (combined with a very hot night and a not so effective AC) was still pretty droopy, so my basket weave technique looks pretty sad. But I must say, my boyfriend's addition of strawberries and kiwis added a great element. Ultimately, cake is cake and we really enjoyed it! But by now the thing, even though it's in the refrigerator, is melting and gooey and not very appealing.

So lessons learned? Plan. Don't change too many elements. And when mistakes happen, enjoy the spoils.

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