Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My first dress and a little stress

Yesterday, despite the fact that I was sick, lacking any energy or motivation, I decided to get started on my first dress. I bought a See & Sew pattern from Joann Fabrics and an abstract black, white and red stretchy fabric. I figured since it was a pattern I'd be able to whip it out quickly with little to no alterations needed. *sigh* Boy, was I naive.

First off, I had this silly idea that I could make different folds in the fabric to leave a more whole scrap piece. Of course, I forgot that the pattern needs to stay vertical and I made my first cut so the pattern was horizontal. No worries, I bought enough fabric this time to make up for mistakes. I cut new top pieces and began to sew. The dress was fast and easy, and even though I was feeling worse as the night wore on, I kept sewing. I was a woman with a mission and no amount of sore throat, aches or stomach cramps were going to stop me! That was, until I tried on my finished product.

Hello frumpy! The neckline that looked sooooo cute on the pattern packaging looked boxy and frumpy on me. I obviously didn't need to use the larger size, especially with such stretchy fabric. Not only that, but the waist was about 4 inches too low and was so loose it looked like I had no waist. I found the energy, after some dinner cooked by my very patient and caring boyfriend, to add some pretty elastic lace from the store in Cambridge to the waistline of my dress. Here, I think, is when I really began feeling like poo. I accidentally sewed the waistline to about 2 inches of the bust line. Frustrated, feeling yuckier by the minute, I carefully snipped the stitching out and redid that section of the waistband. Tried the dress a little better around the waist, but the top still looked two sizes too big and way too boring. Exhaustion setting in, I gave up for the night and decided to make some alterations, hopefully in the way of a cute neckline and taking in the waist a bit more, another day.

That other day is NOT today. I spent most of the night being sick and didn't get to bed until 3 am as a result. Still have a horrible sore throat and just feeling exhausted this morning...or should I say, afternoon. My new dress will have to wait until I am a little more coherent, or I may end up sewing the hemline to the neckline, and end up ripping it to pieces in frustration.

On the job front, I've applied for yet another 3 teaching positions, as per the unemployment requirements. Still haven't received my first check from them. Must call if I don't in the next couple of days. I'm still surprised by the fact that you can be an assistant teacher or paraprofessional with no degree or license, yet they want a Master's degree just to be a first year teacher. As I have my Bachelor's, I seem to fit somewhere in the middle. I applied for both, hoping I will get the latter rather than the former. I also got a call about an infant/toddler position from someone who found my resume online. Must call her back too. I don't look forward to saying, "Thank you for calling me but I can't do toddlers, my body can't handle it anymore." I'm hoping she won't laugh at me. At the ripe ol' age of 25, I already have physical ailments preventing me from doing work. *sigh* I swear if I hear a sentence that starts with the phrase, "You're too young to be worrying about..." I will throw a tantrum. Actually, I MUST be old enough to worry about back problems, arthritis, fertility, etc because I already am. Don't judge a book by its publishing date, people.


  1. So glad I found your blog! I'll soon start sewing myself (my aunt gave me her old sewing machine!). Can't wait to join you on this journey! We might help and inspire each other!
    Cheers form Argentina :)

  2. That's awesome! I'm trying to look for other blogs to follow as well, since this is all new to me and I need inspiration. I'm finding it hard to search though...any tips?

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  4. Sure! Do you have an email? So I can send you the name of some of the blogs I follow.

  5. You can just link them here...that would be fine with me.

  6. Ok, here they are:
    This blog has some nice tutorials and there is a new section called "Sewing Circle" where you can ask specific questions about sewing.
    This blog also has some great tutorials and makeovers that seem really easy to make.
    This blog also had nice tutorials, but for me the best sections is "Sew Basic!". I found it really helpful.
    I love this blogger! She doesn't really post about sewing, only in some of her DIY's. But she does post her daily outfits. which I think can be a great source of inspiration.

    So, these are the blogs I follow on a daily basis. The next ones I just found them and I look at them once in a while:

    Hope you find them useful :)

  7. Thanks, that's awesome! I'm following adventures in dressmaking, and I really like it! I'll have to do some searching around this weekend. :)


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