Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In Response to the Poll....

I have learned to change the needle on my sewing machine! Thanks to those of you who voted, I will have a new poll up soon. I decided not to do pockets yet...I got to eager to make my jean skirt and wanted to dive right into it! But, I think that will definitely be a future project. I want to make a pocket separately first, then work it into a garment. But I found the task of changing my needle extremely easy. I had all these tools set out to help me, along with my sewing machine manual, and was ready for a difficult challenge. However, once I looked closely at how it is done, I finished in about 2 minutes. All I had to do was unscrew a little knob keeping the needle tightly in place and pull the needle out. That needle with the red end is my original all purpose needle. Once this was out, I switched it with my new denim needle, tightened the screw back into place and I was ready to go! I got very excited to sew my denim skirt, which I've half finished already and it has a super cute ruffle on the bottom, and shorter than my last few projects. I came up with the pattern myself, but based on my own measurements, and I'm excited to see how it comes out. Unfortunately, I ran out of my heavy-duty denim thread and I have to go back to the fabric store and get some more.

And here is my denim needle safely in my machine and ready to go!

After this, I tried to alter some pants that I have and learned that not only do women's trousers not have the ability to be let out at the waist, but those stupid little sliding fasteners do NOT want to be moved! I opened up the seam and tried to pry these clamps open with pliers and I was extremely unsuccessful. If anyone knows how to take these out, please let me know! My altering was not effective because of these stupid little buggers. Well, that's about it for now...I have to get some more thread and then finish my skirt...hopefully tonight...and then I will post it. :)

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