Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Two Project Day

I was very busy today! I started out making the sample puppy for the shelter project, which hopefully I will hear more about tomorrow. One girl from the shelter posted the puppy on the shelter's facebook page, so hopefully that will get me some exposure, although I can not say that proceeds go to the shelter yet. I'm thinking of working on getting myself out there a bit by making flyers to put up around my apartment building and send to people to pass around to friends and coworkers. I'm also going to look into craft fairs, as long as the fees aren't too expensive. Which they probably are. I'm finding that just being on Etsy does not get you sales. Because a lot of the people on the site are sellers, not buyers. So I need to get people outside the website to visit my online store. Oi.

I went to the fabric store today and got lots of fabric, mostly fleece, to make my animals with, but also to make taggie blankets with. My first one turned out really cute, and I got all excited and posted it in my store, then looked at what other people are offering...and guess what? No one wants loops on their taggies blankets because of entanglement hazards! So now I have to cut my taggies and HEAT SEAL them! With a candle! I'm going to do this next to the sink so I don't start a fire! Well's late and I should be in bed. Goodnight!


  1. Why can't you just cut the tags to make fringe?

  2. Because then they fray and become a choking hazard of sorts.


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