Sunday, June 6, 2010

Project 2

This is my second outfit. I used another tank I like to get the neckline, adding some lace on my own. This took the longest to sew, but added some nice puckering that gives it a little more dimension. The skirt was a NIGHTMARE to make! I bought the last of the fabric, but didn't realize how shear it was. I ended up using some old jersey sheets to line it, which added to the process. Then the waistband...I sewed the band then tried to insert the elastic. BAD IDEA. Took me nearly an hour and a half, a crocheting needle, some thread and a lot of swearing. But, there it is, super comfy and fits me just right. Which is difficult these days, as I am on hormone therapy for my endometriosis to hopefully preserve my fertility, and like anyone who has ever been on lots of hormones will know, it does more than make you an emotional mess. I've been in a somewhat faux menopause in my 20s and gained weight that has proven difficult to lose. Which is another reason why I really like this whole making my own clothes thing. I don't have to search forever to find something that is cute and flattering!

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