Sunday, June 6, 2010

Project 1

This is my very first project, sewn on my very first sewing machine. I used a tank top I already new I liked and traced roughly around it. The first time, however, I made it a bit too small, not leaving much room for hemming and stitching. But the second attempt turned out pretty great. Feels wonderful and made just for me. The skirt was easy enough. I measured my waist where I wanted it to sit, then added about 20 inches to the bottom hem and cut diagonally to there. The waist is elastic because, hello! It's comfortable and way easier than learning to sew a zipper, which I WILL try later in the summer.

This is the cheap-o sewing machine I found on Amazon that inspired me to sew my own clothes. I have only used the straight and zig-zag stitches so far. I've been really excited about making different outfits, but not motivated enough to explore different stitches. I'm sure I will as the summer goes on.

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