Monday, November 26, 2012

Might Not See Me Until Summertime!

This might not be a shock to anyone, but I am in a hiatus...and for good reason... 

I got married!!!! 

We found out from our doctor that my treatment for endometriosis, for whatever reason, isn't working...and I also have some endo growing in my incision (which was our big clue that the meds weren't working, since of course we could actually SEE the endo! Weird and totally scary!)

The good/surprising/exciting/nerve wracking news and silver lining out of all of this is that we need to start trying to have a baby (right away!) as part of my treatment (pregnancy = no period = no endo growth!). Then, if I need to have my reproductive organs removed, I'll be free to do so. I'm trying to see the beautiful rainbow at the end of this storm, and a baby would definitely be a BIG rainbow for me! :) So, with that in mind, we had a small wedding earlier this month, and are in the throws of planning a larger reception in the New Year. 

I'm also finishing my graduate degree (graduating in May!) while all this is going on, and it's so sad, but my beautiful sewing room hasn't seen a stitch since...I can't even remember! So it's time to throw in the towel and admit that the site truly is in hiatus until further notice. I'm sure I will be back eventually, and I hope you will all still be around! You know I'll be checking out your blogs and sending you well wishes from time to time. Keep up the crafting/sewing/blogging, and I hope to reunite with all my online friends in the near future! 

Happy Holidays everyone!