Monday, July 12, 2010

Furry Walls

Photo from Orlando Sentinel
Have any of you seen Get Him to the Greek? Or Forgetting Sarah Marshall? If you have, you know about Aldous Snow, played by the hilarious Russel Brand, and his fictional band Infant Sorrow. Infant Sorrow is best known for their hilarious and inappropriate lyrics, but the best song from Get Him to the Greek (besides perhaps The Clap) is Furry Walls. If you haven't seen the movie, the hilarity of this song might be slightly lost on you, but if you HAVE then you understand why this is so dang funny. In a scene with P. Diddy, Russel Brand, and Jonah Hill, the group smokes a "Jeffrey" which is jam packed with every drug you can think of.  The only way to keep Jonah Hill from freaking out while mayhem ensues around him is to "stroke the furry wall." Now, I'm not going to go in depth on why the furry wall works so well, but it is one of the funniest parts of the movie! And this morning I came across a version of the song covered by Hanson. I've been a fan of Hanson for a long time, and this is one of the reasons I like them...they have no problem making (or in this case, covering) songs that are just silly and funny. Their new album, Shout It Out, is one of their best, with a lot of great upbeat songs (another reason I like them so much) that are great to just dance around the house to. I'm going to see them in concert in a couple weeks with a friend of mine from college and  I'm really excited to hear this album, I hope they play Furry Walls!! 

After all that excitement this morning, I put the song on my iPod and got sewing! This inspired me to make a new section on my blog...Soundtrack to Sewing. I'll update this periodically with songs or albums that I've been listening to during my creative sessions. The bear I made this morning turned out a lot bigger than the others, mostly I think because he is made of a cotton knit that is pretty stretchy, and I hadn't thought about that when I did my cutting. But he turned out really soft and huggable. Now that I've made all these bears, I'm running out of room to put them! So don't forget to check out my shop, share with others and pass it along! Alrighty, time for me to start on dinner (chicken pot pie) and sing along to Furry Walls one more time. :)


  1. Those movies make me laugh so very much. Glad they inspired you!

  2. I gave the song a listen and I'm impressed. I'll have to check out the movie...before today I'd never heard of it. Have fun at the concert!

  3. Here's the version from the movie...

  4. Thanks for joining Admirer Monday! I'm a new follower! Hope to blog with you again soon!

  5. Now following from Admirer Monday. Sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you we had something come up. I look forward to seeing you on Admirer Monday tonight!


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