Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busy Weekend = Little Sewing

It's been a slow sewing week, since we have been oh-so-busy. I've only made small headway on one project. This is the face of the little guy I am working on for the 1st Birthday Bear project. My boyfriend picked out the material and we decided on a sleepy face...the request is to make a shirt and hat for the bear, so I'm doing an orange hat made of felt with a birthday ribbon for trim. On the shirt...well, that's still up for debate. I'm thinking to tie in the "sleepy" face, I'm going to do something along the lines of "The best part of my 1st Birthday was cake and a nap!" Or some combination of First Birthday on the front, and the cake/nap bit on the back. I made his head/face a little askew...I think it gives him a bit of character. :)

The back is still on the instead of staying the night in Rhode Island, we just went down for the day. Walked around in some shops, bought some fudge, had a meal. We went into an antique store and I saw lots of things I wanted (didn't buy), but the best thing was what looked like a tennis bracelet made up of diamond Chanel logos...for about $165. My boyfriend tried to convince me that it was fake, but I wanted to see the end, I left disappointed and wishing I had made them open the cabinet, but of course I couldn't have bought it anyway. *hrumph* I've tried to look it up online and couldn't find anything resembling it, so it must be very fake. It was a pretty cool  find though. I also saw a vinyl Michael Jackson Thriller album, which can be found in my updated Soundtrack to Sewing, for $80! Can you believe that? Anyhow, we ended the day with dinner at the Red Parrot, which was yummy, and left as Cake took the stage at a nearby music festival.

Today was another busy day. We went to the Happy Endings Celebration over at the Animal Rescue League of Boston, where we adopted our cat last fall. There were hot dogs, veggie burgers, cupcakes, soda, popcorn, games, a slide show of happily adopted shelter alumni, and of course, the animals available for adoption. We had a great time visiting with a few kitties, and I fell in love with Dunkin, who has the same types of white markings as my little girl, but is orange. As we are in a one bedroom apartment, however, we decided to wait and see how our kitty handles being alone once I go back to work *hopefully* before we find a new friend for her. I'm a total sucker for a cute face, so I will be checking out their adoptable kitties online til then! I'll be making a stuffed kitty out of the ARL bandannas for the auction in September, and I will definitely post it once I finish it! And readers, if there ever was a good cause to donate to, this is the place! So please check them out and if you have a few extra pennies in your pocket, you know what to do. ;)

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And now, I am off to relax, do some of my physical therapy exercises and maybe eat some red bean buns that we got at H-Mart today...YUM!


  1. A "Thriller" album for $80?!! I'll hang on to mine for another 20 years and see what it is worth then.

    Did you know you can make frosting with bean paste?


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