Sunday, March 6, 2011

This is way more complicated than I expected....

Just checking in briefly because I unpacked my new machine (yay!) and have it all set up on my desk (finally packed away the desktop I haven't used in years). My little station doesn't look very pretty yet, but I am using the computer chair now, which is much more comfortable than the kitchen table chair, where my original machine is set up.

And there it all its glory. My new, fancy machine! A messy, jumbled, Diet-Fanta-fueled glory of not being used yet. Because I am finding myself completely and utterly overwhelmed by the task of learning this new machine. With my first machine, it was take it out of the box and get sewing! This machine requires a lot of changing of parts and threads, reading the manual thoroughly, not to mention buying stabilizer material.....I didn't even know what that was! I told myself that I would do my first embroidery project this weekend (a taggy for one of the kids I nanny for, with her name on it). Well, my weekend project is now completely haulted because I have to buy this stabilizer stuff. *SIGH* Why can't it be simple?!

It doesn't help that I still have a headache from my injection, and my back is really sore, and now my right ear is ringing. UGH!

Does anyone else go into a project expecting it to be a breeze and then get stuck because it just seems so long and arduous?


  1. It will get better. If you want to learn more, join They have a whole section on embroidery. You can put in a search and read everyone's comments.
    That's where I learned about machine embroidery before I ever bought one. It sure helped.

  2. Since I started working full-time it's been hard to come home with lots of motivation to sew. I'm usually so tired after a long day. I'm still so impressed that you're doing embroidery. It seems so hard to me!

  3. Thanks you two! That is the main reason it hasn't been put to use, because I can only seem to wrap my head around it on the weekend! I can't wait until I know how to use it and I can put it to good use, but the learning process is frustrating. I hate directions! lol

  4. K.....I've been eyeing this very machine myself for some time. I'm thinking I could do much more with my work if I had such a machine, rather than doing EVERYTHING by hand, but it is daunting and I'm with you....I'm not so patient enough and savvy enough to learn from a manual. Not ever having had a sewing machine of my own (much less spent any time at all to speak of sewing on one), I wonder if I shouldn't start with something I can just take out of the box and go to town on. Any thoughts? Good luck with getting going on this new'll get there!

  5. I would start with something simple, especially if you know the basics already....however, if you are learning to use a sewing machine from scratch, why not go big? You might as well learn the fancier one, right? This machine also makes many things easier, such as bobbin winding, thread cutting, needle positioning, etc. Plus, you could add embroidery to your work, which would make a big statement. In any case, don't pay more than $350 for it!! Some places sell it for $600, and you can find it much cheaper online. :)


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