Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Need Help!

I woke up this morning with excitement because last night I bought stabilizer! I was ready to start embroidering. It took me a good hour to have everything ready to go because I was checking and double checking that I had the right materials and parts and was ready to go. Then I began....and this happened.
The top thread is pink and the bobbin is white. As far as I can tell, the bobbin is working just fine, but the top thread doesn't seem to be stitching. I tried using the spool cover, changing thread from the zig-zag tiny spool to a straight wound larger spool, but got the same felt like loose thread. So I adjusted the change. I re-threaded it four, yes, FOUR times to make sure that everything was fine. The thread was through the little spring at the top (step 2). It seems like when I pull the thread myself it feels just like my other machine. So I tried detaching the embroidery attachment and doing a utility stitch. This is what happened.
See how the thread is being pulled and distorted? I tried changing the tension.
Same thing. This is what the back looks like.
Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? I am beyond frustrated and need to calm down before I attempt to move forward. If I can't figure this out, I will have to embarrass myself and call tech support...because I'm sure it is something I am doing wrong, I just can't figure out what.


  1. I'm not that great with machines but it looks like the top thread is too tight or the bottom thread is too loose. It does seem like a tension problem but you've done everything I would've done to fix it. I don't know that much about embroidery either. Can you try doing a straight stitch to see what it looks like? That might give you more information. So sorry that you can't just get going! That's so frustrating!

  2. I tried some straight stitches and it seems like the top thread is too loose...when I pull the fabric the thread moves around. So I changed the tension to 1, but the same thing happened. I went over to my old machine and did some straight stitches to make sure it wasn't the fabric and they were fine. I'm so frustrated!

  3. This might have NOTHING to do with it, but when my mom does machine embroidery she always uses some stabilizer sheets ( It helps a lot especially with bulkier fabrics. Just a thought =)

  4. Yeah, I used the actually ended up being the bobbin tension. So glad it's fixed!


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