Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Day For Projects

Today, I worked on some very overdue gifts, but I also finished my curtain-the-townhouse project. I think I will be buying any curtains for downstairs because there are just too many windows, but I am happy with how the upstairs rooms look now. Much more framed. Anyhow, I didn't do any during photos, just before and after, I am also including some duplicates with and without flash, since I want to show the natural light and the details. Here we go!

Here's the sewing room window before. I had bought some home decor fabric while it was on sale, and unfortunately didn't buy quite enough. I had quite underestimated how large the window was. In any case, I had to be creative unless I wanted to spend a fortune on the fabric I wanted, and I'm actually very happy with the results.

I made two panels, which don't fully cover the window. They just skim the top of the window ledge, but because the tables are there, you don't really notice.

To add length to the fabric, I used some left over fabric from one of the throw pillows to create an over-sized pocket for the rod. I love how this ties in all the colors and fabric!

I bought two teal tie-backs from JoAnns, a bit of a splurge, since I probably could have made them, but I like them a lot. You can see the detail of the fabric is sort of reminiscent of the silk curtains from the Newport Mansion we visited.

Here you can see how the curtains, once tied back, are a little short, but the tables provide a good hiding place for that.

I love the lighting right now, but I do need more light for sewing at night...will  be working on that soon.

Here's a great look at how the curtains tie in with the chair. I am really happy with how this room is turning out!

The next project was a curtain for the hall stairs between the second and third floors. We hung a frame next to the window, but something was missing.

I did a very simple curtain here, just taking a length of fabric, a yellow cotton eyelette that you might use for a summery dress or shirt. Fabulously priced and we could both agree on color of fabric. :) I hemmed all sides then created a pocket for the rod at the top. Very quick and easy! 

My boyfriend was the one that chose the hanging style, and I am loving how effortlessly beautiful it looks. It may seem like we have a lot of yellow in the house, but we really don't. I think it's become our latest "pop" of color, but we have a lot of blues, greens and black everywhere else.  

And here's the final shot, coming up the stairs. This townhouse is really feeling like a home. :)
In other news, I have finally, finally finished my graduate school application. Hooray! If all goes well, I will be starting classes in the fall to become a reading specialist!


  1. Love the curtains! These are something I need in our apartment, or maybe our next one. I really love how the yellow one hangs! Its gorgeous!

  2. Everything looks so lovely! You did a great job! Congratulations on getting your application finished!!


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