Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Chair Is Finally Here!

After a month and a half of waiting, my single sleeper chair finally arrived on Wednesday! It is even more beautiful than I imagined. I am still in love with the color and it just pulls the room together. Finally, a place to sit that isn't a desk chair or a vanity bench. :)

Here's how it looks with the photos on the wall. I like the way the blues in the sky pop with the teal of the chair.

Here's how it fits with the side table. The best part of this chair is that if one of the Red Sox hits this tiny little baseball on the Jordan's Furniture sign at Fenway, I get my money back! I'll have to start watching the games this season...

Just another photo with the pictures above it. What do you think of the new chair? Does it make the brown carpet look like it "goes" a little more?

Here are the accent pillows in their special spot! We went to see the Rosecliff Mansion in Newport today and I kept looking at the decor...I love the style of the decor in all those mansions, so elegant and lavish! Two details I noticed...the pillows had the same cord detail as mine here, and the silk curtains looked JUST like the yellow curtain fabric I purchased for the sewing room. I can't wait to get those made and see how it looks together.

Here's a picture we took of the Rosecliff...we couldn't take pictures inside, but I found a picture someone else took of what I think might be the drapes...they are at least definitely from a Newport Mansion.

These, of course, are silk, while mine are cotton...or any case, mine weren't expensive, and they won't have that sheen, but they are similar in color and pattern. That made my day! As did this photo that my boyfriend took on the grounds near the water.

Hehehe! And finally, here's a picture (from online) of the ballroom.

I know it seems silly, but I was excited to see some subtle touches of my decorating choices in this mansion.  Makes me feel classy. We had a great time, as we always do, in Newport, even though the weather was not the best.

I don't usually post pictures of myself on the blog (somewhat for identity, but also because I'm a bit self conscious...this shouldn't surprise you, since I have the diet blog), but I had to share my ruffled jean skirt in all its weekend-outing glory. I've made a change to the skirt, making it slightly more fitted around the leg area. I haven't worn it since last summer, and I always worry when I wear the clothes I've sewn that someone might think they look weird (the ultimate in self-centered self-consciousness), but I still really enjoy it. Yay for getting use out of my projects!


  1. I love your chair and the pillows with it look tres chic! I hope the Red Sox hit the sign!

  2. I love your chair! I really love the fabric. I also love getting ideas from amazing places or seeing my ideas somewhere else. It makes me feel accomplished.
    And the skirt looks fantastic! I like how it looks; you should wear it more often. Nobody can tell you made it!


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