Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Projects, 50% Off Supplies, and A Giveaway!

Well, I stopped by Joann Fabrics while my prescriptions were being filled and everything I needed for my upcoming projects were 50%, plus I get my 15% teacher discount...I had to take advantage. So I bought my fabrics for the sewing room before the chair arrived...I think they will work. The yellow is for the window treatment, and the patterns are for pillows for the chair. The blue tie-backs are for the window as well, and the white cord is for the stripey pillow. I am so excited about the colors in this room and I can't wait to see it all put together!

Here are the fabrics for the quilted wall hanging organizer that I am adding to my sewing room, and eventually my shop. The solids are for the background, while the patterns are for the pockets and edging. 

I am going to use one of the blues with the white background.

Then there are two brown options...

...and a black option. I have other colors too, but these are the new fabrics, anyway. Ribbon ties will be placed around the edges to hang it on the wall, and the pockets will be embroidered with labels, or names. I'm thinking for the sewing room I will have pockets for scraps, scissors, measuring tape, things like that. I also thought of one for the entryway with pockets for mail, netflix to send back, and a pocket for car keys, since we tend to trade off sometimes and it can get confusing. I thought of an organizer for beside a child's bed with pockets for binkies, stuffed animals, books, and other special items that would otherwise get lost in the bed.

And since the 100th post is coming up soon (EEK!!), when I post my finished sewing room organizer, I will open up a giveaway for your own, personalized organizer for one special winner. I will announce details and ways to enter next time. Until then, what do you think of the new idea?!

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  1. I love the new idea! I think the colors and patterns of the fabric are gorgeous (even the pillows)! I really need an organization spot by my door and something hanging on the wall would be easier then a piece of furniture.


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