Monday, May 2, 2011

Did I Give Birth To My Cat Or Is This Just The Craziest Coincidence Ever?

See this beautiful cat? She's been attached to me since we adopted her in December. She always waits for me at bedtime, sitting right beside my pillow, then climbs onto my chest so I can't see the computer and makes herself at home. Sometimes she even crawls under the covers with me. My boyfriend complains that she isn't like that with him, and I argue that she loves him, she just loves sitting on me more. She loves to be near me, like a little baby likes to be held by its mommy. She only wakes me up in the morning, either by pawing me in the head or headbutting my face.

 Oh...and she's been peeing blood all over my carpets since we moved into the townhouse. A month and a half ago.

See, I couldn't understand why I was so drawn to her, even on the shelter's website. The minute I saw her, I knew we had to have her. I begged my boyfriend until he agreed to go see her, then I saw her scared, shivering body, afraid of the shelter and desperately wanting to be safe and loved (quite the opposite of our other cat, who was quite happy wherever she was as long as she was fed). I couldn't explain why I felt so attached. So bonded. I found out today.

My cat has kidney stones. Yep, in the plural sense. More than one! She is me in cat form! The treatment is to raise her uric acid content (JUST LIKE ME!!!)........or an (estimated) $800 surgery.

Poor kitty! She stopped peeing blood for a while so we figured she was better. But she kept peeing everywhere. One day I came home and caught her trying to go, so I chased her away from her favorite peeing area yelling, "You're not even SICK anymore!!!" At which point, she peed a ton of blood all over the floor. Ok...I got the message. "Mommy, I AM sick! You should know how this feels, you bitch!"

Can anyone explain how we found each other? She's going to cost us a lot of money to care for, but this is a sign. I am her mommy!

(Sorry everyone...just needed to laugh about this recent turn in events. Hope you were entertained a little.)


  1. There is a spiritual world. Oh, you know me better than that...I don't mean angels, ya da ya da...but animals are closer to the spiritual realm in nature...sometimes the universe and karma works the way it's suppose to. And, like it or not, I think you are more in touch with that realm than you realize.

  2. Poor kitty! she is beautiful and I hope she feels better soon. :(


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