Friday, March 25, 2011

Last Night Before The Move

And I am getting really excited for my new sewing room! I am honestly too excited to decorate the apartment to even think about packing up the old one. But, alas, it must be done. I don't know how we fit so much stuff in this apartment. There are boxes EVERYWHERE and there is still half a kitchen and some of the bedroom to pack. We have to take the tv off the wall, as well as two lamps, then spackle and paint the holes. We need to wrap the glass tops of tables in blankets and pack them into the car. And then there's packing up the cats and getting them set up in their bathrooms tomorrow. We figure separating them during the move is the best idea, since they fight occasionally. They will each get their own bathroom with a litter box and food and water, plus a plug-in kitty hormone that is supposed to calm them down. I just hope our new kitty doesn't get another UTI. That would be very expensive. Stay calm, Little Kitty!

Ok, I really should get to packing again. I've taken too long a break. I literally cannot wait to set up the sewing room and show it to you! I am going with a white and teal theme, and will be making my own drapes and throw pillows. It will be the first time I will venture into the home decor section of Joann's. Should be fun. :) Any tips for those projects?

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