Sunday, March 13, 2011

Whew! Boyfriend to the Rescue!

Thanks to the Googling talents and coolheadedness of my boyfriend (while I fumed on the couch and told him he couldn't possibly fix my machine if even I didn't understand what was wrong), the problem is fixed. After taking the bottom of the machine apart and adjusting the bobbin tension, the machine works great. I honestly sat back in awe while it worked its magic.
A beautiful, perfect script A. *giant sigh*
I pushed on forward with my projects...thank goodness.
I used my multi-shade pink for this one...I think it may have looked better with the solid pink, but I couldn't help getting fancy on my first one. :)
For the second one, I chose a more boyish font and a solid green. It really pops!
Next step is to choose coordinating ribbon, and for these taggies I am going to do color coordinating soft-textured fabric (one is minky), rather than two layers of the same fleece. I may finish tonight, or I may not...either way I will post when I'm done. What an ordeal!


  1. Yay for boyfriend! Your project looks fantastic!

  2. Thank you! I finished them up tonight and now I'm planning my next one...hehehe

  3. I'm so glad it's fixed! The names look great!


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