Friday, July 9, 2010

He's Sorry....

Here's my Sari Panda! My boyfriend and I decided to change the mouth a little bit and oh my, I'm gonna toot my own horn, he is CUTE! The play on words works out and he really looks sorry. Haha. The material was really difficult to work with. There was a lot of fraying and boy was it slippery! I don't think this one would be good for small children, as a good hard squeeze or a too-tight pull might cause a thread to loosen, so I listed him for older children.  He's super silky and smooth and I love the way his color changes a little in the light.

You might have noticed that I did a little reformatting to the blog. I added tabs for About Me, Tutorials and my favorite, Sensational Shops! This is a growing list of Etsy shops that I've come in contact with and just love! Make sure to take a peek at each of them because there are some really great, quality handmade items found there. Why don't you head on over right now? I'll wait....and while I do, I'll take another peek at Sari Panda.

Well, it's been a long and busy day! Spent a lot of time working on the blog, finishing Sari bear and cleaning my apartment. I've got a former co-teacher coming over for dinner tomorrow and I wanted to make sure I didn't have lot of fabric scraps all over the place. And after watching Shutter Island, I am totally creeped out and need to read a little bit of my new book, The Wedding Girl, to make sure I don't have any dreams of Leonardo DiCaprio coming after me.


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