Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Productive Day that Ended Flat

After many, many days of having a horribly skewed sleep schedule, I managed to stay awake on only 4 hours of sleep...hoping that will pay off tonight! Having an early morning meant I got a lot more done today! I started out by getting my labels finished, cut out and one attached! These are required by law and must include manufacturer name, location, products used and (because I live in MA) my registration number as a licensed stuffed toy manufacturer. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that me, my sewing machine, and 11 stuffed animals equals a business, but it's official! I have a piece of paper and $300 missing from my account to prove it!
Anyhooo, after my labels got rinsed, dried, ironed and cut (while watching What Not to Wear), I sewed one onto my newest bear, then I also added some daisies around her ears and a ruffle of lace on her head. I think it makes her a little more fancy. Afterwards, I took her and the 'Roo outside to do a quick photo shoot. Outside by the flowers is always so much prettier than in the stuffy apartment.
This is my project I started this afternoon. I know...a HUGE departure from my "style" so far, as far as the facial features. I bought felt at the craft store this time instead of felt buttons...partially because the buttons were overpriced and partially because I wanted more control over the size and color. This little guy is Sari boyfriend's pick of fabric and name. he thought it would be a funny play on words...thinking you could give a Sari Bear when you are sorry. I just really like the fabric! The fabric had a gradient of color that created an interesting look...I went from lighter on the head, getting darker on the way down, with the feet being the darkest, and a little more color on the ears. I didn't expect this to be anything more than a stylish choice, but when I sewed the ears on, the first thing I thought was "This looks like a panda!" So I chose to do matching blue panda eyes. I also added a mouth. The conception of that design was my boyfriend too...I think it turned out kinda cute. Unfortunately, I ran out of stuffing, so he is still flat and deflated. What do you think of this style?
My cat had to come investigate. ;)


  1. He's very fancy...I especially like his feet. Congratulations on having an official business!

  2. Thank you! I don't know how he will look stuffed, hopefully good but his eyes might be too big.


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