Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lo Siento, Mis Amores...

...for my lack in sewing and blogging activity. Unfortunately, I don't have any crafting news....other than I found out how much it is to ship one of my plushies across the world. I sent one of my Ruby 'Roos to Australia, and unfortunately, because I am naive and inexperienced, I did not make a profit off that one. $34 to ship! And that's with a discount. YIKES! Hopefully, once things calm down, I can actually start posting about some new projects, like the elastic waist tiered skirt.

Yesterday I was only home for 3 hours, between babysitting and attending a friend's wedding. I've also been busy brushing up on my curriculum knowledge because the big interview is coming up (for a lead kindergarten position, part time). I'm a bit rusty, because for three years I've been focusing on toddlers, and kindergarten is a very different ball game. It is big in the sense that it is my only LEAD position interview in about 3 months, and only my second interview in that time as well. I am really hoping for this one, since it will give me time to either craft or work as a second source of income, and give me the freedom to go back to school. It will also, however, determine whether or not we will be looking for a second car, and whether or not I will need to obtain my driver's license in just a few short weeks. Mainly, this is because if I end my day at noon, I'll need to have some way to get around because I don't think I could find 6 hours worth of extra work to do every single day. Actually, being a first year teacher, I probably could...

The second car discussion has been in the works since I started my job search way back in February. My boyfriend and I treated our waitress at Olive Garden to a very entertaining conversation regarding this. The big question is: to buy used or new, AND in conjunction, whether to go big or go home, as I put it. You see, my boyfriend is a car enthusiast...and not just any car Audi enthusiast. And over the past 3 1/2 years, some of that "elitist" (as a close friend and fellow car enthusiast called him) attitude has rubbed off on me. If we had unlimited resources, I would want an Audi S5 in Daytona Grey...a beautiful, subtle color with more *sparkle* than some other colors...very deep grey, not silver. I've been lusting after this car ever since I saw a fellow enthusiast unveil his stereo mods at a get was like love at first sight. But I digress.

And I digress because that car is way out of the picture. In all honesty, if we were to buy new, I would want a cheaper car, perhaps the Honda Crosstour. Not as sleek and sexy, nor as quick and loud (things my boyfriend has planted in my brain as qualities to attain through various car-modding...aka buying better parts and installing them for enhanced performance, sound or aesthetic). A hybrid would also be nice, mostly for the gas mileage.

What we would most likely be buying is a used car that has all wheel drive so I won't get caught in a New England snow storm, with nothing but my limited driving experience and Masshole drivers to help me out of a snow bank. I'd likely get stuck and eventually run down by some idiot texting on a cell phone about how long it is taking him to get from Boston to Lexington. My favorite options would be something along the lines of an Audi Allroad, or a Lexus suv of some sort. I know that if we buy used, it will be something of German engineering that my boyfriend can have fun modding, though he is trying to talk to me into thinking of a Saab or an Infiniti. But, all the talk about how Audis are the best have made me want to show up at a get together with my own Audi to show off. I do enjoy a Mercedes, though I don't like the designs of the older models, which is what we would be getting anyway. So the Allroad is really what I would want if we went used.

And this is only my side of the discussion...add my boyfriend's opinions in there and we really gave the waitress a show...arguing over whether we'd be able to afford an extra covered parking space (my argument was, "Can you IMAGINE me shoveling my car out of 4 feet of snow?!?!") and that I think we go cheap if new and BIG if used. I really dread the moment if we do need to get a second car, because it is not going to be pretty....I'm going to regress to acting like a 5 year old and whining about how pretty the car is, while my bf will be haggling for a better price and trying to convince me to that the bumps on the front of the older Mercedes really don't look that bad (and yes they do).

I apologize about all the car talk. Cars really do take up a lot of our free time. Since my boyfriend is a big enthusiast, we go to a lot of car events. I love looking at all the shiny cars, including imported, modded and just plain gaudy cars. This has spoiled me (a girl who grew up never even wanting to drive, and only knowing four main car manufacturers...Ford, Chevy, Nissan and Toyota) and while I am going to want a pretty shiny car, I know we'll be getting something practical, drivable and parkable and affordable...which means no Audi Q7 for me.  Poo.
Me next to a Lamborghini Gallardo at a car event...

Me in a 1980's Ferrari...the owner let me sit in it!

I hope you enjoyed my decidedly off-topic post. I needed to fantasize about the exciting part of this prospective job, and not the very real possibility that I will get a stomach ache the morning of the interview from nerves and forget everything I read about phonemic awareness and the importance of narrative and expository texts in early reading instruction. As Jim from the Office put it so eloquently, "Lord beer me strength."


  1. I'd take an old Mercedes. But, I am a vintage car lover AND without a car...

  2. How old would you go? I don't like the design earlier than 2004...the more recent, the better looking they are. Much smoother.

  3. It depends on the make/model of the car or truck. I'm not particularly interested in Mercedes, but I've heard they are solid cars.


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