Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Toy for Kitteh...No New Toy for Me...yet.

So we thought we had found the car for me...turns out the dealer doesn't have the title! We went there on is Wednesday and they still don't have it. So...the car search continues. With perhaps a trip to Jersey to pick up the new prospect. We'll see...decisions have not been made yet. BUT...I did get my learner's permit (again!) so that I can practice driving and hopefully get my license by the end of the month. Or so. Last night I drove for the first time in (I think) 6 years...maybe 5? And I did the unthinkable...I drove my boyfriend's car. He willingly let me do so (in fact he suggested it) and I am totally shocked because that car is his baby. He keeps that car looking spotless and I was so unbelievably scared that I would do something wrong to it...but turns out my old "too cautious" techniques are still in tact, which meant I took my turns a little too wide (not wanting to damage his wheels on the curb) and drove under the speed limit. He tried to show me how I wasn't anywhere near the curb, and I was super scared backing the car out of the parking space in the garage (which I have never done...we don't have many parking garages in my home town), but everything went well. I even drove on the highway! I didn't want to, but it wasn't hard at all, although people in Mass like to drive 20 over the limit, so I appeared to go far too slow, but whatever. I did it! I was so proud. Like my boyfriend said, now I'm not a little kid anymore. Haha.

Meanwhile, I did not make my skirt because my white thread ran out. But the spool made a perfect toy for my cat...or so I thought.
"Stop bugging me...I am not playing with that."
What is this contraption you've attached to my yarn...I like playing with that!"
"I'm just going to ignore you now."

I try to get her to play....

I try *sigh*

Tomorrow...making my stuffed kitty for the's taken me a while to get this done, what with interviews, and car craziness, and custom orders...but hopefully I can finish it soon so I can have another excuse to go see kitty cats! ;)


  1. I love the look your cat gave you! Can I use it on my "Don't Mess with me; I know how to use the look" page?

    Your boyfriend is brave and generous. Ha ha. Congrats on your successful first drive. I hope you find a car soon.

  2. Yeah, that's ok with me. He sure is...but this car buying process is tedious...ugh!

  3. awwwww your kitty is so cute! What is your kitty's name? looks like a cross between my Kip and my Petie! Beautiful kitty! Thanks so much for visiting I HAVE CAT! I can't wait to read more of your blog!

  4. Her name is Slinky, for her stripes. She is very different than other cats I've had, she likes us to be around but doesn't like to be held or snuggled...she just wants to be there. :) Thanks for visiting!


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