Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What If...

...interviews were like reality tv shows? Wouldn't it be easier if you could see what your competition was like and how you compared? What if instead of waiting for days to hear a yes or a no, you got to listen to the interviewer critique everyone, so you could know where you stand. And then all the interviewees would go back to a swanky apartment, drink champagne and talk about how unfair the process was...but what an amazing opportunity it was at the same time. Instead of days of waiting, you could be eliminated right away if you didn't make the cut. I mean, no one has to wait until the last show to find out that they were cut in the beginning. Wouldn't it be great if the interviewer gave you feedback directly, rather than leaving you guessing?

I was just watching HGTV Design Star when that thought came to me. Although, I guess I wouldn't want my job search broadcasted across America so everyone and their dog to talk about how stupid my curriculum plan was compared to contestant number 3.

So I guess there are pros and cons to everything. ;)


  1. Ha ha ha this is funny! I do wish you could here back from interviews right away. And if you got cut first, you'd know what to do better because you knew what your competition was doing.

  2. Someone should seriously do this...other than Donald Trump. lol

  3. Haha! Yes there are pros and cons to everything. I don't have cable... pro? Saves money? Con? No HGTV for me (which is too bad, that's like my favorite channel!)


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