Monday, August 2, 2010

Some Inspiration from Ann Taylor

I had my doctor's visit today to talk about my back...she thinks I re-injured it somehow, though neither she nor I could come up with how I did it. So we're going with acupuncture and see how that goes. I guess there is an acupuncture school that is really cheap if my insurance doesn't cover it, but I'm really hoping that it does.

On my way home,  I decided to take a longer walk down Newbury St and through the Prudential Mall. I stopped in at Sephora and peeked around just as they were opening for the day. I had fun trying out lots of different eye shadows, but only got some $5 nail polish (I was good). I walked by 344, which has this really pretty dress which I wish I could show you, but my phone is being stinky and not letting me upload on the computer. It had a black background with red roses, I think...I'm going to try to make it. :) I also passed by Ann Taylor and wasn't going to go in....then I saw a sign for $14.99 and had to see what it was. It turned out to be basic tees, so I did some inspiration shopping instead. I tried on a few things and have tucked them away in my mind to try to make. Here they are...and sorry that the pictures are so teeny tiny. I'm going to try to take the photos off my phone, but since I'm writing this during my little study break (two interviews tomorrow! Eeek!) I'm not going to drive myself crazy about it.

Photos from

I also really liked this peach cowl neck shirt and this silky ruffle shirt. The bib necklace shirt I am really excited to looks simple enough...looks like you do a gathering stitch to create the fabric detail and then sew on jewels and buttons in between. I think it will be really fun to try!

Ok, that's all for now! Just inspiration today....once these interviews are done I hope I can get down to business and really sew...however it would be even nicer if I needed to get a classroom set up....hehehe.


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