Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting Down to the Wire...

I start graduate school in just three weeks, and I have a BUNCH of projects to get done before I am busy, busy, least, busier. It's already been a very busy summer, but I guess I better get used to it. In any case, I have a few things to post about.

First off, here is the giveaway project I've been working on for Jel...she wanted a pink, green and purple theme for her wall organizer...I am saving the purple part for last  because I want that to be a surprise...hehehe. Hope you like it, Jel!

The next thing I have to share is a dress and headband I made for nannying. It is bright, cheerful, and is modest enough for work...AND has pockets! 

It has the same type of back as the red dress for Hawaii. And I love the pleats on the skirt.

I had fun wearing it to the Franklin Park Zoo recently. Great photo opps.

Here's the matching headband, which I also made for a friend.

I've also been asked to make a bear and blanket for a baby shower, in the Baylor University school colors. I'm excited about that one too, although disappointed in Joann's for not having better fabric choices for those colors.

 In related news, I am putting my bears on clearance on my shop...I decided not to renew my MA stuffed toy license, since I didn't even make back the cost of the license last year, so if you've been wanting is the time! I am selling them at cost...I've put a couple on clearance already, but if you want one that isn't changed yet, I'll refund you on PayPal. I'm still going to make them for friends at cost, so don't worry...I'll still be posting those cuties. And I plan to come up with some new things for my shop that don't require a yearly $300 license. Anyhoo...on to other things.

Today I learned how to change my rotary blade. It's really easy! 

Turned the position so that the blade in unlocked and remove the screw (I thought locked seemed safer, but apparently it also locks the screw).

Carefully remove the cover and blade, and put the new blade in place. Put the old blade into the plastic from the new one to save yourself from any cuts.

Replace the cover and blade on the handle and attach the screw. You're done! I couldn't believe the difference this made....yay! Anything you're wrapping up as the summer comes to a close?

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  1. Good luck with school! I love the dress! I wish I could wear that color. It look so good on you!


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