Sunday, December 18, 2011

University Custom Bear and Taggie

You see, I tell myself I'm not going to make any more bears because I haven't sold any, and then I make this little guy by request and he just makes me want to sew a troupe! He's so soft and cozy. *sigh* Why does Massachusetts have to have that stupid $300 licensing fee?! 

Here's the taggie that goes along with him. It is for a Baylor University family. I love how this one turned out. Of course, I usually do. :)

I have done minimal sewing lately, but my classes are over and this little guy got me in the spirit. He's been in the works since Thanksgiving, but thanks to little kitty's cystotomy surgery to remove three kidney stones (they were even bigger than mine! Poor kitty!), it has been nuts around here. Things are finally settled down, so I may post once or twice more on here before school starts up again. Hope everything is going well out on the blogosphere. I'm reading, but I am not saying much. Mostly just browsing when I need a break from studying. 

Oh, and Happy Holidays everyone! We celebrate Christmas, and we'll be visiting my family this year in Washington State. No snow :( Are any of you celebrating anything this year? Happy sewing! 

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