Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Slowly making progress. I took a friend's advice, and switched from making a crib size to a twin. She said that she made quilts for her children and they still use them! She pointed out how fast they grow out of the crib, so I made the switch. I've been making strips width-wise, and working my way down. I like the horizontal pattern, and so far it has been pretty simple. I'm using 4 inch squares, 14 across, and will be 23 down. I think I might add a contrasting border as well. Not there yet though. I've been listening to Pixar's quite soothing! :) In fact, this whole process has been very soothing...I might start whipping out quilts like crazy, if I can rustle up enough fabric!

I'm thinking about making a bear to match this quilt. I decided I will make another in more gender neutral tones, too. I honestly just picked a fabric I liked and found coordinating fabrics. So maybe I'll go yellow next time. We'll see. I'm rambling now. Sorry this isn't a well-written entry. Just wanted to share how it is coming along!

Have a great Thursday!


  1. This is beautiful, and it sounds like you are having fun!


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