Saturday, April 14, 2012


I had the week off last week, and while I had a lot to do, I found a little time to do some spring cleaning and organizing. I don't have any pictures of my bedroom closet and sewing room closet, but those took up most of the time. I put a shoe organizer in my sewing room closet to put odds and ends, and I bought a small shelf from Ikea. Since I've been taking grad school classes, I've been collecting lots of books and papers. I needed somewhere to put them. 

I put this next to my sewing tables, and it has become a great place for my sewing and schooling things.

I put my teacher things on the bottom shelf. All my text books, along with a few folders full of teacher resources, like all those articles about teaching I've collected over the years, found their home here. I had a lot of great articles hiding in a box in my closet. Now they're right where I need them! And of course, who wouldn't want an iron for a book end? lol

Next, I've got all my children's books. I've collected quite a few of these this semester. It's exciting to start building a children's library. Slowly but surely. And my sewing machine manuals and patterns are in that pink box.

This is mostly decorative, but I found a place to store all those ribbon flowers I made. When I want to use one, it's right there! I found these cute little hedgehogs at Target in December. They were just a couple dollars on clearance. And so cute!

I got a new magnetic whiteboard at Wal-Mart. Just a nice place to put the list of things I need to sew. And on the top shelf of the book shelf, I have baskets of all the clothes I need to tailor, projects I'm working on, and scraps. 

I found the idea for this one on my organization board on Pinterest. I didn't use any dowels, though.

I put my thread on this standard holder on the wall. This is sort of my "hometown wall." I got the metal keys in Leavenworth, WA while I was visiting family. If you haven't heard of Leavenworth....go there. It's a really cool Bavarian village in Washington State, not far from my hometown. It's one of my favorite places. We stayed at a great bed and breakfast while we were there at Christmas. I miss it. The wooden key was made by my grandfather, all from one piece of wood. Isn't he talented? And the apple wall hanging was bought at Christmas Tree Shops. My town used to be the apple capital of the world. It isn't anymore, but they still milk it. :) And that's my spring cleaning/organizing of my sewing room. Do you have any plans this spring?

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  1. Oh my grandpa made wooden things from one piece of wood too! Now that he's passed on they're such a treasure to have!
    And love your iron bookend! It feels great to get some organizing done. I've been trying to baby proof our apartment as Henry gets closer to crawling.


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