Monday, September 26, 2011

$10 Maxi Dress Refashion

I apologize for the pictures...these are all taken on my phone because we ran out of batteries for the big camera. Anyhoo, there's a dress I picked up at Marshall's for $10 a couple weeks ago. It is a size too small, especially in the bust, and I hate the length. But when I tried it on, I could see its potential.
It also had a hole in the seam...probably after sooooo many people tried it on. Well! I knew I could fix that one! I got an extra amount off the already low price and brought it home to refashion.
I wanted to shorten it, so I measured where I wanted it to fit and cut off the excess from the holey middle.
I pinned the two pieces together and serged. Go, Go, Gadget Serger! Yay! Still can't get over how awesome this thing is... :)
Next, I tackled the bust. It will still be a bit low (might put something along the neckline...still looking for lace), but removing the eeny weeny pads helped free up some fabric. I just unpicked the seam, took out the cup, and stitched it back together by hand.
I did the best I could to keep the pattern somewhat together, but the bottom half was wider, so I just sorta made due, and plan to sash or belt it to cover that up. No problem!
Much more flattering and now it fits perfectly! And no, no on-the-body pictures this time...let's keep this blog a little modest.
I've also been gearing up for fall. Bow making!
And decorating! This is the first year we have a house to decorate, rather than a hall in a building, so I put this little web up in our front window, a wreath on the door, some little yard signs that say BOO! EEK! (cute, I'll post pics another day) and a few little things inside. I love Christmas Tree Shops! All that stuff for $30!
Oh, and I had to share this bow. :) I made it to go with my outfit I wore  this weekend. I love the mix of color and pattern. What do you think?

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