Saturday, June 1, 2013

Train Conductor Vest

I recently bought Oliver and S Little Things to Sew, and the first pattern I tried out was the Explorer Vest. Her version is so cute and whimsical...all teal and yellow and so perfectly vintage. One of the little boys I take care of is really into trains, as many little boys his age are. I told him I wanted to make him a vest, and together we came up with the idea for the Conductor Vest. I chose a grey pinstripe I had from a dress idea that I never got around to, and incorporated his favorite color: red!

I had the red lining left over from my attempt at making holiday bears a couple years ago (wow...a couple years ago. Sheesh, time flies!). The pattern doesn't call for lining fabric, but I wanted to give the vest a special touch!

I think it is perfect for a little conductor! He likes to pretend he is taking us to the North Pole on the Polar Express. :)

I added his formal title to the back pocket. ;) Sorry for the photo quality...hubby was switching lenses on his camera, so I had to use my phone.

I didn't have any bias tape, so I tried using ribbon instead. While very cute, it didn't work that well around the arms. Trying to mend that this weekend, since it started pulling away when he wore the vest. Overall, the pattern was pretty easy. I adapted it a bit to how I wanted to use it, but I definitely recommend checking out the book. There are some really cute ideas!

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