Friday, September 17, 2010

Feature Friday - New CreatioNZ

There hasn't been much going on over here on this blog...I apologize for the lapse. I've been waiting to hear back about the start date on my new job, and I must say, I've been a little bit lazy because of that. Call me a turtle, but I had to retreat into my shell for a while. The good news is I start my new job on Monday! Hip Hip Hooray! It is nice to feel secure again, though I'm sure it will be a bit of an adjustment gettting back into the swing of things. This means, of course, the blog will probably be a little bare for a while, but don't worry...I'll still be sewing, even if it is infrequently. :) Of course, you can always check out my new weight loss blog, Skinny or Bust! I've already lost 4 pounds! Come join me on my challenge!

Today is Friday, which means a new feature. This week, we get to know Jocelyn from New CreatioNZ. New CreatioNZ is full of wonderful pieces of art incorporating Jocelyn's photography in many creative ways. The shop features magnets, paintings, cards, jewelry, stationary, banners and more! Head on over to check it out, but first, the interview.
How did you get into crafting?
I have loved to create since childhood. I have dabbled in all sorts of crafts but always come back to painting. Photography is a newer passion but just as much fun!
How did your Etsy shop come to be?
I heard of Etsy through a friend. I had never done online selling before so it was a big step to open my shop!
What is your favorite part about being creative?
I love that it is never the same. Every new painting or photograph is different and that keeps me inspired!

Are you a full time crafter or do you have a "day job?"
I have a job at my children's school as a teachers aide. My hours are the same as theirs which fits in very well, plus I get the holidays off with them. It does mean though, that my time for creating is limited.
If someone were to buy you a birthday gift on Etsy, what 3 words would they use in their search?
Jewelery, stationery, or handbag.
How do you create your designs?
I cannot start a painting without inspiration. It can come through a song, a scripture or an experience I have had. My paintings will often turn out very different to what I first imagined. With my photos I try to find new ways of using them. Examples are my cards, digital stationery, boxes and my latest, calendars.

Favorite spots for inspiration?
I have a lovely beach just down the road from where I live. I take my dog for a run there most mornings and watch the sun rise. I never get used to it. Each day God shows me another amazing facet of his creation. I am so humbled by what he has created for me to enjoy and if I can show even a small part of his glory in my art, then I am happy.
Who inspires you?
If you had to choose one item in your shop as a signature piece, what would it be and why?
This is so hard. But this is one of my recent paintings inspired by a walk on the beach one morning. It reminds me of what God has blessed me with

Thanks so much to Jocelyn for taking part in Feature Friday! You can also check out her blog to find out more! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I love Jocelyn's shop, all of her art and I have quite a few pieces. Always so nice to learn more about our friends.


  2. Wonderful feature, I love that painting at the end. It is also enjoyable to hear about about where others find ideas & inspiration.

  3. Great artist! Watching the sun rise on the beach would inspire me too :)

  4. I think those pyramid boxes are so neat!

  5. Lovely feature! Such beautiful pics and I love those little gift boxes!


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