Monday, September 13, 2010

Purple Polka Dots

I found some time to sew this weekend, between apple picking, trail walking, and posting on my new blog, Skinny or Bust! I made this cute little Purple Polka Dot bear for a high school friend who had a baby....perhaps not so recently, as I've put this project off for a bit with all the craziness that has been going on.This one is a mini, since she is for an infant, and I added some new purple ribbon around her neck. What do you think about this fabric?

I have just enough fabric left to make one more mini, so I will be adding a Purple Polka Dot bear to my shop. I'm going to do an elephant next, thanks to the suggestions from my last post! And tonight I am making a butternut squash soup! Yummy!

This is a short post today...still waiting for my start date. I'm going to work on the elephant tomorrow, since (hopefully) I won't have many more days filled with extra time to work on projects. I'll be taking the bus system home from the new job, which will take about 2 1/2 hours to get home...with transfers, wait time, etc. I've been practicing my driving, so it won't be long before my commute is under 30 minutes! least heading home. I can't wait to drive on my own. Not because I love driving (because I really don't!), but because of all the freedom that comes with it. It's kinda silly, but going to grocery store and starting dinner on my own is something I'm kind of looking forward to. Lol. What are you looking forward to this fall?


  1. Cute bear...I like the expression on his face! That is a very long commute...I'm happy for you to be getting your license soon.

  2. I love the polka dot fabric! And the light purple is perfect for a baby girl.
    I'm looking forward to wearing layers again, crunching leaves, college football games, and anything pumpkin flavored!
    I bet you could to cute little stuffed animals then went with holidays for like decor or something!

  3. Thanks Mom, I'm really looking forward to that hurtle. lol.

    Heather, I've been wanting to do Holiday Bears, but the fabric at Joann's is just not...I don't know. Maybe they'll have better ones soon.

  4. I'm definitely looking forward to the cooler weather -- we're still in the upper 90s in Texas! Your purple bear is so cute! I heart polka dots :)

  5. Super cute!! I love the bear, and I love that it's homemade...homemade gifts are the best!


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