Saturday, September 4, 2010

Laughing Cherry Blossom Bear

August has been such a crazy month! My newest creation is finally here after an entire month of nothing new in my store. I've been planning her for quite some time and she turned out great! She even has her head tilted back a bit to show off how she is laughing. What do you think of her face?

I just love the fabric that I made her with, but boy, is it hard to work with! Just like my Olive Bamboo Bear and Special Occasion Bear, Cherry Blossom Bear is made of an Asian print brocade, and no matter how much I sew, I never learn my lesson about cutting on the bias...I want the pattern to sit right! My tiered skirt and this bear have the same issue, although the bear's fabric is much more likely to fray. Therefore, it takes a little more effort to tidy everything up in the end. But I really like her! How about you?


  1. She is so cute, and she really looks like she'a laughing! I love the fabric too!

  2. I think she's darling! Worth the effort for the fabric -- it's so beautiful. And I love her cute little face :)


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